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Facebook advertising

The Facebook social network is one of the most popular channels for online advertising. Compared to other channels, it enables reaching a large number of people whom we can segment excellently.”

Companies cooperating with us:

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Fast results

Visible after 1 day


Show ads by interest, age and gender

Advanced segmentation

Use lookalike, remarketing, …

Growing your ecommerce business is hard. Finding the right Facebook ad agency is even harder.

In addition to providing Facebook advertising services for external partners as a marketing agency, we also have our own brands that we advertise through Facebook. We have an excellent understanding of the whole picture of online sales and all the challenges of online advertising.


Just the beginning of advertising

We create a Facebook buisness profil,

link the website and the advertising account

start advertising

The biggest advantage of Facebook advertising is precise user segmentation based on interests, hobbies, previous interactions with your business, etc.

Advertising has already been set up.

Advertising account overview

Preparing a work plan with advertising proposals.

Start advertising with us

Unlike Google advertising, the Facebook social network allows for more precise targeting of ads, displaying them only to relevant users (potential customers).


Images and videos

Advertisement text

Existing customer base (remarketing)

Offer on the website

Since each product and service differs from one another, it is impossible to generalize the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook. Additionally, advertising results can vary greatly between individual countries.


Image / video testing

For effective Facebook advertising, the most important aspect is the creativity of the ads that we offer to users. Testing images, videos, and ad copy is the key to the profitability of advertising.


Target group testing

Facebook offers the possibility of advertising to a precisely defined target group. You can test different target groups based on interests, behaviors, and demographic data. You can perform remarketing and advertise to similar target groups as well.


Increasing the advertising budget

Increasing the advertising budget means a higher number of conversions, but also higher costs per conversion. That is why daily testing of new creatives and target groups is absolutely necessary to maintain the same cost per conversion.


Optimizing ads and sales process

“We optimize campaigns by timely turning off and scaling ads. We combine well-performing ads into a new campaign and increase the advertising budget. When optimizing campaigns, we need to be creative and consistent. We also focus on optimizing the sales process. We pay attention to what is happening on the landing page, shopping cart, and checkout. With programs such as Smartlook and Hotjar, we can track how users navigate the page, when they leave the website, and what difficulties they encounter during the purchase process.”


We have been entrusting the optimization of our website to the Web Center team for many years. We are satisfied with the results of their work, attitude and professionalism.

Katja Milosavljević | Avtotehnika Celje

We have been cooperating with the Web Center since our inception. We are extremely pleased with our cooperation, as we have really optimized our positions on Google during this period, and at the same time we have successfully launched Google advertising, which brings very good results. I would recommend the Web Center team to anyone who needs a complete solution for Google, but at the same time wants to have a partner on the other side who has an ear for business itself.

Tilen Kosmač | Pivovarna Laško Union

Still not sure?

We can reach 2.96 billion people through Facebook advertising.
The average user clicks on 12 ads each month.
36% of Facebook users made a purchase on the platform in 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Facebook advertising suitable for?

Advertising on Facebook is suitable for anyone who wants to increase sales. Depending on the product or service you offer, we need to assess which type of online advertising is most suitable. In addition to well-executed Facebook advertising, a modern website with good navigation and a refined checkout process is important for the success of results. With high organic traffic, which we will achieve through website optimization and various types of ads that will be displayed to your customers on Facebook, we will achieve the set goals.”

How much does Facebook advertising cost?

There is no exact answer to this question. It’s similar to asking how much a car costs. Companies spend anywhere from a few tens to several thousand euros on Facebook advertising every day. The amount depends primarily on the desired scope of advertising, the size of the target group, and the number of website visitors we want to inform about new promotions. Facebook represents an excellent opportunity to improve sales, create branding, collect email addresses, improve website traffic, and more.

How fast can we see Facebook advertising results?

You can see the first results of advertising after the first day of advertising.