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Website development

In the digital world, a website is often the first consumer interaction with your business. Our online solutions are visually appealing and offer a great user experience that will ensure better conversion of your users.

Companies cooperating with us:


In the digital world, a website is often the first consumer interaction with your business. Our online solutions are visually appealing and offer a great user experience that will ensure better conversion of your users. All of these are results that can directly and positively impact your growth and profits.

Basis for advertising

Basis for online advertising

Opportunity for growth

Fast growth with the right approach

Customer trust

Customer satisfaction



User experience

Loading speed

Number of visitors


Competition and keyword analysis

The analysis of competition and keywords is the first step we prepare in the preparation of project documentation. Based on user searches, we will prepare text, titles, categories and other content on the website.


Making a design

In the Figma program, we start by designing a website. With the help of the program, we design all the elements that will be on the website. We design the website to the final look, taking into account your wishes, of course. It is only after your design confirmation that we get in touch with the real programming for the first time. This is followed by the “transfer” of the look to the website, which you can easily do later via the WordPress interface.


Confirmation of design and production of the website

When creating a website, we follow all the rules and trends that are necessary for a great website. The website should be fast and simple, connected to social networks, adapted to all mobile devices, with organized on-site optimization of the website… With the help of the wordpress user interface, you will be able to easily manage the website yourself. Because we understand that every thing needs to be learned, even after creating a website, we are always available to help you edit the page.


We have a website, but what's next?

The effectiveness of your website now depends mainly on how many people will visit your website. We can bring a website to the center of online events with the help of website optimization, Google advertising and Facebook advertising.


We have been entrusting the optimization of our website to the Web Center team for many years. We are satisfied with the results of their work, attitude and professionalism.

Katja Milosavljević | Avtotehnika Celje

We have been cooperating with the Web Center since our inception. We are extremely pleased with our cooperation, as we have really optimized our positions on Google during this period, and at the same time we have successfully launched Google advertising, which brings very good results. I would recommend the Web Center team to anyone who needs a complete solution for Google, but at the same time wants to have a partner on the other side who has an ear for business itself.

Tilen Kosmač | Pivovarna Laško Union


The design of the website influences as much as 94% of the user's overall first impression.
89% of consumers buy from a competitor after a poor user experience.
73% of companies invest in design and user experience to differentiate their brand from competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the cost of making a website depend on?

The complexity of the design, the number of subpages and the number of language versions of the website have the greatest impact on the price. You can see the price list of web pages and a detailed description of individual sets at the attached link. With the help of the price list we have published and the descriptions of individual components, you will be able to estimate the approximate cost of making a website with the specifications you want to have!

How long does it take to make?

It takes 3 to 6 months from the confirmation of offers to the publication of the new website. The time of production is largely influenced by the scope and complexity of production.

What are the costs of advertising on a monthly basis?

The costs of advertising a website on average range between € 500 and up to € 100,000 per month.



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